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Vesi Water

Rebrand of Fiji

Fiji water is a rather expensive brand of water that has a decent core product, but does a rather bland job of really selling itself aside from being expensive.

With this rebrand I wanted to focus on what makes the product special, which is the source of water itself. It comes from deep within the earth and is filtered naturally by volcanic rock. With this in mind I started by designing a new bottle that reflects this by being all black and shaped similarly to a volcano.

The bottle was designed with 3D animation software and 3D printed afterwards to give a sense of how the actual product would look. The target audience is upper class elite who need a water bottle that reflects their lavish lifestyle.

In addition to the bottle, I designed the packaging, a website, advertisements, and a selling point which would be booths in luxury stores.

This is a video showing the website. It is just a graphical design that I animated to show the funcionality and look of the final website.

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