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Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) is a higher-education institute in Calgary.

In the role of Visual Designer, I developed and delivered visuals for print and digital channels, produced
and managed presentations, course outlines, instructional & environmental graphics.

Large hanging banners for SAIT as part of an advertising campaign to bring in new international students.

S2018-09-00297-01157-IC-Hanging banner-S
Calgary hanging banner .jpg

Business cards for events and organizations at SAIT. On the left is for the Globalization Cafe which was centered around International students. On the right is for the SAIT Trojans recreational sports teams.

hello welcome mock.jpg
recruitment cards.jpg

A series of floor decals for the SAIT Health Clinic.

floor decal.jpg

A brochure for the SAIT School of Manufacturing and Automation.

brochure 2.jpg
brochure 1.jpg

A schedule to show all the upcoming games for the SAIT Trojans athletic teams.

trojans poster.jpg

A simple poster for a soccer championship held at SAIT.

soccer mock.jpg

A series of postcards created for the CIRUS program at SAIT.


These are a series of templates I created for SAIT View. SAIT View is the campus wide quick news system which runs on all screens in the school. The template slides were given to marketing to be used as they see fit to keep the students up to date on all things SAIT.

Some of the many bookmarks for different events and organizations at SAIT.
The ones below are for culinary classes and a community drum circle.

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